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10 June 2013


4 of our Lady golfers took part in the MacMillan Cancer Support 4 rounds of golf in a day challenge at our course last Friday. A fantastic achievement. Our picture shows the ladies team - from the top - Anne Smith - Liz Angus - Agnes Manattini - Iris Robertson - Linda Mailer. Here is a message from the team: A massive thank you to all the members who supported the ladies in "4 rounds of golf in a day" challenge in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support last Friday. We set off at 6.00am and finished at 9.00pm in weather conditions that could only be described as perfect. In fact everything about the day was perfect(okay maybe the some of the golf shots were a bit dodgy!) . Sandra and Briony did a magnificent job behind the scenes as our Support Team and we received lots of encouragement from the golfers out on the course. So far we have raised over £1000 and when we have collected all our sponsorship the exact amount will be published. Your generosity was very much appreciated . Thank You from The Fair Isle Sweaters