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04 July 2016


Ryan Wight and Michael Bissett both started nervously and Michael won the first hole, Ryan then won the next 2 holes with 3's, Michael used his to shot halve the 4th and then won the 5th with a par 3, Ryan then went 1 up at the 6th, but Michael birdied the 7th & 8th to go 1 up and his par 4 with a shot at the 9th made it 2up. The 10th was halved and Michael used his shot to halve the 11th, Ryan then won the 12th and 13th with pars to get back to level. Michael won the 14th with his shot and Ryan birdied the 15th to again make a level game, the 16th was halved, Michael got a good birdie 2 at the 17th and also won the 18th to be 2 up at mid way. They halved the 19th hole, then Ryan won the 20th & 21st with pars to bring it back to level, Michael used his shot at the 22nd to halve the hole, at the 23rd both players got up and down to halve the holes in 3. Michael let Ryan off the hook at the 24th to halve the hole with bogeys and 3 putted the 25th to go 1 down, the 26th was shared in par, after putting his second shot into the ditch Michael got a good 5 to win the 27th with his shot. The 28th was halved in par, Michael had tree trouble at the 29th and required his shot to get a halve. Michael conceded the 30th and with Ryan getting his par at the 31st he went 2 up. Michael won the 32nd with his shot, but Ryan birdied the 33rd to go back to 2 up, Michael had to hole a good putt for his par to keep the game going at the 34th hole. When Ryan got his 3 at the 35th hole Michael required to repeat his morning feat with a 2 but the ball slid past the hole for Ryan to make history becoming the first KJVI GC member to win the Scratch and Handicap Club Championship in the same season. Congratulations to Ryan and commiserations to Michael  also thank you to Ashley Routledge for giving his time to referee the morning part of the final, club captain Dennis J Brown looked after the afternoon.  

Photo l to r Ryan Wight, Dennis J Brown Captain, Michael Bissett

Dennis JBrown