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Club Competitions


All competitions are played in accordance with the Rules of Golf, as laid down by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews. Rule books are available in the clubhouse and local rules are displayed on the club notice board. A local rule permits the use of distance measuring devices during club and Open competitions provided the device is only capable of measuring distance.
The maximum handicap index in all club medal competitions is 28.0, the maximum course handicap in match play competitions is 28 and the Committee will publish the maximum course handicap permitted in Open Competitions. Junior members with a handicap index of 28.0 or less may enter Club Medal competitions and Summer League but only if accompanied by a Gents Member and may enter Club Match Play competitions.

In the event of a tie in stroke play competitions, the winner will be decided by the normal count back rules. In all competitions decided over more than one round of stroke play, the final round will decide in the event of a tie with the usual count back rules then applying if necessary.

In match play competitions, matches which end all square will be played off hole by hole until one side wins a hole. If lack of daylight prevents a match being played to a conclusion, players are required to arrange ASAP a date to complete the tie re-starting where the original match stopped. The play off will start at the 1st hole and strokes given or received are as in the original round.

Entry to Club Competitions

Entry to all medal competitions can be made up to 11 days in advance via the online booking system, in person at the Golf Shop or by telephone to the Golf Shop.

Entry to Saturday competitions will be to a 30 minute time slot and a draw will be made for tee times.

Entries should normally be made no later than 12 noon on the Thursday but, in exceptional circumstances, members may enter the draw for a Saturday competition via the Golf Shop no later than 9am on the Saturday. Players wishing to play after 2pm may book a tee time and enter the competition on the day.

The draw for Saturday competitions will be posted in the Golf Shop and on the club website/app on the Thursday prior to the competition. Entry to other medal competitions will be for a specific tee time.

Members who have booked and subsequently cannot make their tee time, must advise the Golf Shop of their cancellation at least 30 minutes prior to their actual tee time. Members who fail to cancel will on the first occasion be written to noting the failure to show without cancellation. Subsequent occasions will results in sanctions being applied by the Committee – a 1 competition ban increasing to a 3 competition ban for further occasions unless mitigating circumstances can be presented.

When a player pays their entry fee on the day of a club medal competition they are deemed to have entered the competition and must return a score. If the player subsequently fails to tee off or fails to complete their round due to illness/injury or any other factor except abandonment of the competition, a no return must be submitted. Players who are not on the tee for their tee time will not be permitted to play.

Delayed Start

Where the start of play is delayed due to inclement weather, the order of play when play starts will be as per the original draw. If the start of play is delayed for more than 2 hours the competition will normally be abandoned.

Suspension of Play

When it is necessary to suspend play immediately due to imminent danger to player safety ie lightning, players must mark the position of their ball if it is in play and leave the course immediately. The signal will be a SINGLE CONTINUOUS BLAST of the siren.
When play is suspended due to heavy rain causing greens to flood, the player has the option to mark the position of their ball if it is in play or complete the hole being played. The signal will be 3 BLASTS of the siren.

The maximum period of suspension will be 1 hour, after which if play is still not possible the competition will be abandoned.

Resumption of play will be 2 BLASTS of the siren, repeated.
On resumption of play, the player should resume play from where the ball was marked or from the next tee if the hole had been completed.
If the player decides not to continue after play has resumed, then a no return must be submitted and a handicap increase will be applied.

In normal circumstances the decision to suspend or abandon play will be taken by the Green staff, Club Manager or a member of the Committee. In the event that none of the above is present at the club when the course becomes unplayable, the players (minimum 4) from 2 tee times on the course at that time can between them agree that the course is unplayable because of flooded greens / lightning and that play should be suspended. If the course remains unplayable after 1 hour they can agree that play is abandoned. In these circumstances all the players should sign a declaration to that effect and place it in the scorecard box. Players should be aware of the impact of abandonment (see below) and this decision should only be taken if absolutely necessary.

Abandoned Competition

In the event of a Medal competition being abandoned, players who have completed their rounds and have returned scores will have their scores reported to Scottish Golf for handicap purposes. No prizes will be paid, all entry fees for the competition will be refunded and the competition will be rescheduled.

Completion of Round

All cards must be signed by the player and marker, score entered on the touchscreen in the clubhouse, and card placed in the scorecard box. Failure to sign the card or deposit it in the box willresult in disqualification.

As handicap indexes are adjusted overnight by Scottish Golf, failure to ensure that a score has been entered on the touchscreen will result in player’s handicap indexes being incorrect on the following day. While a playing partner will enter the score, it remains the player’s responsibility to ensure that this has been done as failure to have a handicap index adjusted means that play in competition the following day is not permitted.

Entry Fees

Details of entry fees for all club competitions are posted on the notice board in the clubhouse and on the app when entering competitions.


In all competitions, players may win only one prize. Where a player has more than one potential prize winning score they will receive the highest prize with Scratch taking precedence over Handicap. In Summer and Winter Leagues, where prizes are awarded for Scratch, Handicap and Eclectic scores, the highest prize is awarded with Scratch taking precedence before Handicap and then Eclectic. All club competition prizes will be paid onto your club card – members may request an SGU voucher for sums in excess of £50 or may use winnings towards annual membership fees.


Players who are members of more than one club must nominate which club holds their handicap. For information on obtaining a handicap please speak to the Club Manager or Match Secretary.

Every player is personally responsible for knowing what their correct handicap is and for applying that handicap to their competition scores.

Although the new Central Database of Handicaps should ensure that scores from competitions played at courses away from your home course are returned automatically, it is every player’s responsibility to check that their handicap is correctly adjusted if they have played at another course.

Details of the Central Database for Handicaps are available in the clubhouse and every player should know their lifetime CDH number, which will be required when playing competitions at other courses and has to be given to another club in the event of a player moving clubs.

Maintaining a Handicap

Members who have difficulty playing in official competitions are allowed to submit General Play Scores in order to maintain their handicap – these require registration to play on the IG app or touchscreen before play, entry of score via the app or touchscreen, and return of a signed scorecard to the box.


Club Championship Winner (Championship Trophy)/Runner-Up (D C Howie Trophy)

The 16 best scratch aggregate scores from two 18 hole qualifying rounds qualify for the match play draw.

The draw for the match play stages will be seeded and all players must be available to play in all rounds.

Match play rounds will be over 18 holes (36 holes in the final) and extra holes to be played until a decision is reached.

J S Miller Shield

Awarded to the leading qualifier in the Club Championship provided he plays in the match play.

Handicap Club Championship (McRobert Thistle Cup)

The 16 best nett aggregate scores from two 18 hole qualifying rounds qualify for the match play draw.

Current handicap applies to both qualifying rounds.

All other rules are as per the Club Championship and maximum course handicap for match play ties is 28.

Stroke Play Championship (Dewar Cup)

Best scratch aggregate score from 72 hole stroke play competition. .

Handicap Stroke Play Championship (Island Trophy)

Best nett aggregate from 72 hole stroke play competition.

Current handicap applies to all rounds.

Youth Stroke Play Championship (J Zucconi Trophy)

Best scratch aggregate from 72 hole stroke play competition. Entry is open to members who are under the age of 22 on the date of the last round of the competition.

Wilson Cup, Calcutta Cup, Loving Cup, Coronation Cup

16 best nett scores qualify from 18 hole qualifying competition.

Match play to be decided over 18 holes with current course handicaps on date of match applying up to a maximum of 28. In the event of a tie, extra holes to be played with strokes taken as in first 18 holes.

Dunsmore Trophy/4 Club Competition

4 club competition (3 clubs + putter), played from medal tees and non-counting for handicap.

Overall best nett wins the 4 Club Competition (Ellis Trophy)

16 best nett scores qualify for knockout stages for the Dunsmore Trophy

Spring Meeting

18 hole stroke play.

Best scratch score             Imrie Cup

Best nett score                  Pullar Inkstand

2nd best nett score             Kinnaird Cup

Summer Meeting

18 hole stroke play

Best scratch score              Gold Medal

Best nett score                    Kyd Medal

Autumn Meeting

18 hole stroke play

Best scratch score                R Hay Robertson Medal

2nd best scratch score           Silver Medal

Best nett score                      R H Robertson Medal

Alan Chalmers Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the player with the lowest scratch aggregate score over the Spring, Summer and Autumn Meetings.

J S Galletly Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the player with the lowest nett aggregate score (based on current handicaps at the date of each competition) over the Spring, Summer and Autumn Meetings.

Winter Medal

18 hole stroke play. Best nett score.

Monthly Medals/Extra Medals

Played in 2 sections - handicap index limits 12.0 and 28.0. 18 holes stroke play with best nett score winning medal in each section. Unless doubled up with another competition, all monthly medals/extra medals will be played in stableford format.

Medal Finals

Winners of Monthly/Extra Medals qualify for 18 hole stroke-play competition. Best nett score.

No entry fee

Seniors Medal

Restricted to members who are aged 50 years and over on the date of the competition. 18 hole stroke-play and best nett score. Maximum handicap index 28.0.

Willie Cross Trophy – 4 Ball/Better Ball

Select own partner and each player receives 90% of playing handicap with strokes taken according to the Stroke Index. 18 hole stroke-play with best nett score at each hole recorded. Best nett score.

Entry fee as per notice board

MacKay Trophy

Individual medal competition played from yellow tees – overall best nett wins the trophy.

Island Centenary Quaich – 4 Man Team

Enter as a team of 4 and all players receive full playing handicap allowance. Best nett score recorded for holes 1-6, best 2 nett scores for holes 7-12, and best 3 nett scores for holes 13-18. Winning team is lowest total nett scores for the 18 holes. In the event of a tie normal count back procedures apply.

Entry fee as per notice board


Entry is via the sheets posted on the notice board and, where applicable, select partner and enter both names on entry sheet. Entry fee must be paid before closing date or name/names will not be entered in the draw. In the event of a tied match after 18 holes, extra holes will be played, with strokes taken as in first 18 holes, until a decision is reached. In all match play competitions the challenger/s is the top name/s on the draw sheet. All ties must be played on or before the date shown on the draw sheet for each round. The challenger/s should give their opponent/s the option of 3 dates, at least one of which must be a Saturday or Sunday (all 3 dates must not fall within the same 7 day period). If the opponent/s cannot play on any of the 3 dates offered then, unless a mutually suitable alternative is arranged, the tie will be awarded to the challenger/s. If the tie is not completed by the due date and these rules have not been complied with, or an extension granted, the challenger will be eliminated. Extensions can only be granted by the Match Secretary (Club Manager in the absence of the Match Secretary) and any requests will be decided on the individual circumstances. Normally extensions will NOT be granted unless BOTH players are in agreement and can show that failure to play by the due date has been due to circumstances out with their control eg course closure, illness on the date tie had been arranged for, unexpected work/family emergency etc, and an extension will only be granted if the tie can be played within a maximum of 6 days after the due date. Results of ties must be entered on the draw sheet and can also be entered via the IG App – if this is not done by the due date, then it will be assumed that the tie has not been played and the challenger will be eliminated.

Campbell Trophy

Match play open to all members with handicap index of 28.0 or less but maximum Course Handicap of 28 applies in each tie.

Entry fee as per App

McDonald Trophy

Match play restricted to members with a handicap index of 12.1 or more and who have not previously won this trophy. Full current course handicap up to maximum of 28 applies in each tie.

Entry fee as per App

Nairne Campbell Trophy

2 ball match play with ½ combined course handicaps applying. Partners drive at alternate holes and thereafter play alternate shots. In the event of a second tee shot being required as per rules of golf, the playing partner will play from the same tee as original tee shot.

Entry fee as per App

Hebner Trophy 

Match play restricted to members with a handicap index of 12.0 or less. Full current course handicap applies in each tie subject to a maximum of 12.

Entry fee as per App

McGlashan Trophy

Mixed Foursome match play with ½ combined course handicaps applying. Partners will drive from their medal tee on alternate holes – Gents on odd numbered holes, Ladies on even – and thereafter play alternate strokes. In the event of a second tee shot being required as per rules of golf, the playing partner will play from the same tee as original tee shot.

Entry fee as per App

Caber-Feidh Trophy

Four-ball match play. Competitor with lowest handicap to concede strokes to the other 3 players based on 90% difference between the full course handicaps.

Entry fee as per App

J West Putting Trophy

18 hole match play open to all sections.

No entry fee

Disputes Procedure                         

Any member wishing to raise a dispute regarding a Competition or Matchplay Tie should speak/write in the first instance to the Match Secretary. If the dispute is not resolved to the member’s satisfaction, they should submit written details of their concern to the Club Captain to enable the issue to be considered by the Committee.

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